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Precautions for installation of refrigeration pressure hose
View:1529 Apr 22, 2019  

Pressure hose installation instructions(003)

1. When installing, first place a drop of oil on the rotating part of the nut and the joint to ensure the lubrication between the nut and the joint during the rotation timing, to prevent the nut from rotating the hose together, resulting in excessive twisting of the hose, resulting in joints and hoses. The connection is leaking.

2. When the nut is connected with the SAE male connector, a copper gasket must be installed between the two parts.

3. When assembling the hose assembly with 90° curved joints at both ends, please connect and tighten one end first. After one end of the operation, confirm that the hose is in a freely bent state, and then connect and tighten the other end.

★ Note: When tightening the 90° bending joint, it should be squared and hold the 90° bending part by hand to prevent the sodium from rotating the 90° bending joint and the hose together.  

★ Do not hold the joint casing part tightly.

4, tighten the torque:

11/4" SAE nut torque: 11 to 14 N.m

23/8" SAE nut torque: 20 to 25 N.m

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